James Kimberly Griffith. See I… The thing about life is… A what is it they say? The thing about life is…I’m 29 today. Won’t see 30. But I’m uh…I’m okay. Really. Okay.


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The one where Cas is a sales associate and Dean is his loyal customer who frequents the store just to gawk at him… and somehow they get their happily ever after

"Do you come here often?"
"I work here"
"Right. Sorry. Bad pick up line"
"Try again"
"Hi. My name is Dean. Can I take you out sometime and maybe marry you a little?"
"Of course"

My father.


I was looking through Flower Language meanings and I saw that grass can mean ‘homosexual love’ and now I’m crying myself in laughter imagining some guy dumping lawn clippings onto his crush’s porch screaming ‘I FUCCKIN LOVE U YOU GAY PIECE OF SHIT’.

And it doesn’t need fixing. (Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo)